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Written Declaration on behalf of ADHD Europe

Adult Clinics should be able to offer ADHD transition services to young people where they can continue to obtain the care and multimodal interventions that were available to them as children and adolescents or to establish proper interventions to those newly diagnosed

  • The services that are available for other psychiatric disorders should be also available specifically for young adults (18+) who have ADHD
  • General psychiatrists should familiarize themselves with the symptoms of ADHD in young adults and the specific needs of young adults with ADHD, as well as the new comorbidities they may develop at this age
  • ADHD medication should be available and reimbursable throughout Europe for young people who have ADHD
  • Psychosocial interventions that specifically address the needs of young adults with ADHD should be available publicly throughout Europe
  • Educational accommodations and interventions that support young adults with ADHD in Further Education and Higher Education should be mandatory for educational institutions across Europe
  • The transition from child and adolescent services to adult services should be seamless without a break in treatment
  • Lack of adult services should not lead to withdrawal of treatment

Press Enquiries:

Andrea Bilbow OBE President of ADHD Europe This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it +442089521515

Joanne Norris ADHD Europe (Brussels) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it +32494177403

If you support this declaration, please fill in the form below. Your support will help us to push for the changes we need.




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David S. NolteA Health Professional
Dr Edward KoKoAungA Health Professional
Dr Peter HeffernanA Health Professional
Anca PaunicaA Health Professional
Annelies CoetsierA Health Professional
Beverley SintonA Parent/Carer
Carine De Baets An Adult With ADHD
Chris DodgeOther
Christine MarkingA Health Professional
Joanne NorrisA Health Professional
Julie JamesA Parent/Carer
Karen SanchezOther
Laia VintroA Health Professional
Louise EtchinghamAn Adult With ADHD
Peter PhilipsOther
Rosalind JonesA Parent/Carer
Sarah JurreitAn Adult With ADHD
Silvia BianchiAn Adult With ADHD
Sonia Sotelo BarnesA Parent/Carer
Tadeun HawrotPublic Health Consultant
Thierry DhaeneA Health Professional
Tom VuerinckxOther
Van OstaedeA Parent/Carer
Victoor LaurentA Health Professional
Fátima Rosana AlbertiniA Health Professional
Lorie LarocheA Health Professional
Andreas ChristodoulouA Health Professional
Anna Shakallis A Parent/Carer
Bobbie Nicolaou A Parent/Carer
Christina VasileiouA Parent/Carer
Elena CostakiA Parent/Carer
Erato Leonidou A Parent/Carer
Eroulla CaddAn Adult With ADHD
GalatiaA Parent/Carer
Georgia KontopirghouA Parent/Carer
Georgia LivadiotouA Parent/Carer
Maria ChristofidouOther
Rigina SymeouA Parent/Carer
Stelios EliofotouA Parent/Carer
Sue ChrysostomouA Parent/Carer
Theano KalavanaA Health Professional
Αθήνα Other
Inge PriceOther
Tomasz MatusAn Adult With ADHD
Annika KaskA Parent/Carer
Jaanus HarroA Health Professional
Giuditta MannoAn Adult With ADHD
Isabelle LaffontA Health Professional
Tomianka DanielleA Parent/Carer
Markus KuĵawaA Health Professional
Hilkka KärkkäinenPresident of GAMIAN-Europe
Anais HarneitOther
Andrea DemerathA Parent/Carer
Andreas ReifA Health Professional
Christine FreitagA Health Professional
Ed BurkeAn Adult With ADHD
Elena KochOther
Frank DüpontAn Adult With ADHD
Dr. Günther EndrassA Health Professional
Paraskevi KotoulaA Parent/Carer
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ebner-PriemerA Health Professional
Tobias BanaschewskiA Health Professional
Ute KöglerA Parent/Carer
Anastasia PapadopoulouOther
Anna KlitsinariOther
Antonia DimitroulakouA Parent/Carer
Antonios GousiosOther
ApostoliaAn Adult With ADHD
Armenaka MerssyniA Health Professional
Artemis ChristakiOther
Athina AntypaAn Adult With ADHD
Basiliki MarkopoulouA Parent/Carer
Brenda EleniA Parent/Carer
Bruno TersagoOther
Chamakioti DimitraA Parent/Carer
Chamosfakidis AngelaOther
Christina AretakiA Health Professional
Christina GeorgiadouA Parent/Carer
Christina KotroniA Health Professional
Christos MargaritisAn Adult With ADHD
Dhiet IngeOther
Drakaki EvaggeliaA Parent/Carer
Eleftheria (Elia) PanopoulouA Health Professional
EleniAn Adult With ADHD
Eleni Bellou-SakellarakiA Parent/Carer
Eliza PapazoglouA Health Professional
Elli KatsarouOther
Erasmia GalazoudiA Parent/Carer
Evangelos PappasA Health Professional
Faidra Koukara A Health Professional
Flavia ZakianA Parent/Carer
Frangkiskos DimitrouliasA Parent/Carer
Gazinaki DespinaA Health Professional
Georgia KaklamaniA Health Professional
Georgios KatsantonisAn Adult With ADHD
Georgios MitropoulosAn Adult With ADHD
Giannis ChatzikostasAn Adult With ADHD
Giorgos EfstathiouA Health Professional
Gougousi AnthiA Parent/Carer
Helen MavoussoglouA Parent/Carer
Hilde De BruynAn Adult With ADHD
Iakovos PapadakisAn Adult With ADHD
Iliana LiakeaOther
Ioanna MarkidouA Parent/Carer
Ioanna NastouA Parent/Carer
Iro VretzakiA Parent/Carer
Kalliopi ZarkadoulaA Parent/Carer
Kalliopi GeorgiadouA Parent/Carer
Kalliopi MantzavinouA Health Professional
Katerina PerikleousA Health Professional
Katrien CobbaertOther
Katsifi SpyridoulaOther
Konstantinos DrakopoulouAn Adult With ADHD
Kotsonas GeorgiosOther
Kyriaki MatsikaA Health Professional
Letta DounaviA Parent/Carer
Livitsanou SpyridoulaA Parent/Carer
Loukia DragatsiA Health Professional
Maniadaki KaterinaA Health Professional
MariaA Parent/Carer
Maria GavrielatoyA Parent/Carer
Maria Hatzidimitriou A Health Professional
Maria KoulloupaA Parent/Carer
Maria Malikiosi-LoizosA Health Professional
Maria PoulouOther
Maria SourgiOther
Marialena KatsouraA Health Professional
Marianna AslanoglouA Parent/Carer
Marianna DesypriOther
Mary CalhounAn Adult With ADHD
Myrto AnastasopoulouAn Adult With ADHD
Natasa TheodosiouOther
Nikos SchetakisAn Adult With ADHD
Niovi MichalopoulouA Health Professional
Ntina KitsouAn Adult With ADHD
Olga GeorgiadouA Parent/Carer
Olga MyrtzianiA Parent/Carer
Panagiotis TsirigosA Parent/Carer
Pehlivanidis ArtemiosA Health Professional
Peter SpyratosAn Adult With ADHD
Φουστέρη ΝίκηA Parent/Carer
Savvas MikropoulosA Parent/Carer
Skindilias Cecilia An Adult With ADHD
Sofia KanistraA Health Professional
Stathis BoulierisA Health Professional
Stavroula DiaremeA Health Professional
Stelios PortaliosA Parent/Carer
T PetriA Parent/Carer
Terpsichori KorpaA Health Professional
Theodore Papaslanis A Health Professional
Theodosiou AngelosA Parent/Carer
Thomaidoy PolyxeniA Parent/Carer
Vasiliki TsonouA Health Professional
Vicky MousouliA Health Professional
Yannis CharitosOther
Ελενη ΚαββαδιαA Parent/Carer
Κωνσταντινα ΚαφαλούκουOther
Ουρανια VasiliadouOther
Adhd-Magyaroszág AlapítványA Parent/Carer
Arzt Györgyi RékaA Parent/Carer
Csicsainé Gróf ÁgnesA Parent/Carer
Dávid BárányAn Adult With ADHD
Edit Zsohárné Stampfel Other
Erik BaloghAn Adult With ADHD
Erika MertaA Parent/Carer
Ervin NagyAn Adult With ADHD
Gabor KanoAn Adult With ADHD
Dr. Greta Docsne GoeroembeiAn Adult With ADHD
Györgyi Réka ArztA Parent/Carer
Henriett PintérOther
Horváthné Török Szilvia An Adult With ADHD
Kaffka MercédeszAn Adult With ADHD
Márkusné Fehér MáriaA Parent/Carer
Mezeiné Juhász IlonaAn Adult With ADHD
Nyisztor EdinaA Parent/Carer
Papp HenriettaA Parent/Carer
Pejtsik DiánaAn Adult With ADHD
Szilveszter CsaszarAn Adult With ADHD
Szoboszlai Edit KatalinA Parent/Carer
Zita Zsibrita-ZámboriAn Adult With ADHD
Amrinder SinghOther
Anu ShivalikanjliOther
Aisling KellyA Parent/Carer
Celine Byrne A Parent/Carer
Dr John HilleryA Health Professional
Emily Salters Other
Galway City School of Judo Other
Joanne O'Sullivan An Adult With ADHD
Josephine GalliganA Parent/Carer
Margot Wrigley A Health Professional
Marie Charles A Parent/Carer
Michelle Caulfield A Parent/Carer
Olivia SlatteryA Parent/Carer
Rose KavanaghAn Adult With ADHD
Alessandra DonelliA Parent/Carer
Alessandra Mecarone A Parent/Carer
Alessandra PotenzianiOther
Alessia NardiA Parent/Carer
Alessia VeroneseA Parent/Carer
Andrea PiantanidaA Parent/Carer
Anna BoccardelliAn Adult With ADHD
Anna Maria CavaA Parent/Carer
Anna Rita Fiorini GranieriA Parent/Carer
Annarosa De NardoA Parent/Carer
Antonella PiccinelliA Parent/Carer
Antonia BarlettaA Parent/Carer
Antonio Lo ConteAn Adult With ADHD
BarbaraA Parent/Carer
Barbara QuerciaA Parent/Carer
Barbara RodolfiA Parent/Carer
Bettin GrazianoA Parent/Carer
ChiaraA Parent/Carer
Chiara Letizia TafuniA Parent/Carer
Cirronis RosamariaA Parent/Carer
Claudia Monteverdi Other
Corradi CinziaA Parent/Carer
Daniela De Sanctis A Parent/Carer
Domizia BurliA Parent/Carer
Donatella ArcangeliA Health Professional
Elisa Dalla VecchiaOther
Elena Astrua TestoriA Parent/Carer
Emanuele Other
FedericaA Parent/Carer
Federica QuaresimaOther
Francesca LelmiA Parent/Carer
Francesca SabbiaA Parent/Carer
Giorgia RossettiOther
Giorgio BidoliA Parent/Carer
Giovanni FaeddaA Parent/Carer
Giuseppe Sciuto A Parent/Carer
Giuseppina RoccellaA Parent/Carer
Glenda GlotonA Parent/Carer
Greta PenzoA Health Professional
Ilaria FontanaA Parent/Carer
Ines MontersinoA Parent/Carer
Iryna Stepanenko A Parent/Carer
Jasmine RizziAn Adult With ADHD
KatiaA Parent/Carer
Laura ArcariA Parent/Carer
Laura Carlino A Parent/Carer
Luca AlzettaA Parent/Carer
MaddalenaA Parent/Carer
Manuela PiluduA Parent/Carer
Mara De MarcoA Parent/Carer
Marco PadovaniA Parent/Carer
Maria Antonietta MannuA Parent/Carer
Maria Cristina BerettaA Parent/Carer
Maria Luisa Marogna A Parent/Carer
Marta CataldiOther
Marta SellaA Health Professional
MarzioAn Adult With ADHD
Massimo Leonardo PrandiniA Parent/Carer
Michela Claudia ZucchiniA Parent/Carer
Michela PassoniA Parent/Carer
MonicaA Parent/Carer
Monica BuscemaA Parent/Carer
Monica ConversanA Parent/Carer
Nadine MercalliAn Adult With ADHD
Nicoletta PalaiA Parent/Carer
Noemi LiottaA Parent/Carer
Ombretta BarichellaA Parent/Carer
Orietta Lisi Other
Pamela Righi A Parent/Carer
Paola Boriero A Parent/Carer
Paola CandidoA Parent/Carer
Paola PoliA Parent/Carer
Rivolta Maria LuisaA Parent/Carer
Roberta SimeoniA Parent/Carer
Rosemary SciutoA Parent/Carer
Sabrina SambrottaA Parent/Carer
Salvatore CangianoA Parent/Carer
Sara RighiA Parent/Carer
Simona RossiA Parent/Carer
Sonia DomeniciOther
Stefania RobertiA Parent/Carer
TaniaA Parent/Carer
Valentino PirontiA Health Professional
UldisAn Adult With ADHD
Cathy MangenA Health Professional
Dr.Med.Univ. Robert Thill-HeusbourgA Health Professional
Manou LeisenA Health Professional
Peggy Thill Other
Caroline AttardA Parent/Carer
Claire EddlestonA Parent/Carer
Denise BorgA Parent/Carer
Dorothy SciberrasA Parent/Carer
Dr. Alexia EllulA Parent/Carer
Felexia TaboneA Parent/Carer
Lucia FerranteA Parent/Carer
Mariella DarmaninA Parent/Carer
Natasha GrixtiA Parent/Carer
Pamela MuscatAn Adult With ADHD
Peter NaameAn Adult With ADHD
Rita BonniciA Parent/Carer
Sarah TantiA Health Professional
Sharon RossAn Adult With ADHD
Simone PisaniA Parent/Carer
Simone SchembriAn Adult With ADHD
Alejandro Arias-VasquezOther
Amanda JagerOther
Barbara FrankeOther
C GrevenA Health Professional
Nienke SiebelinkA Health Professional
Pieter HoekstraA Health Professional
Yan ShiA Health Professional
Anne HalmøyA Health Professional
Emma ScalaAn Adult With ADHD
Jan HaavikA Health Professional
Marianne S HofstraA Parent/Carer
Martin JükelA Health Professional
Pernille MesselAn Adult With ADHD
Puerto Rico
José J. BauermeisterA Health Professional
Szidónia SzilágyiA Health Professional
ElenaA Parent/Carer
Kazima BulayevaA Health Professional
Freddie VenablesAn Adult With ADHD
South Africa
Michael WoodsA Health Professional
Àurea Autet PuigA Health Professional
Adrià Muntaner MasA Health Professional
Alberto Roa TudancaA Parent/Carer
Alessia Veronese A Parent/Carer
Alicia García PérezA Parent/Carer
Alicia TeruelA Parent/Carer
Amaia HervasA Health Professional
Amaro Juan Camus VillarA Health Professional
Ana Barber López A Health Professional
Ana G. Minetto DíazA Parent/Carer
Ana Maria RoldanA Parent/Carer
Ana MirandaA Health Professional
Anna Campoy LopezAn Adult With ADHD
Antonio Castilla De La RosaAn Adult With ADHD
Antonio Cortes GomezA Parent/Carer
Antonio Martinez-NicolásA Health Professional
Antonio VictoriaA Parent/Carer
Azucena Diez-SuárezA Health Professional
Barbara TorricoOther
Berta RomeroA Health Professional
Bru CormandOther
Caridad Perez HernandezOther
Carmelo Pérez GarcíaAn Adult With ADHD
Carmen Ángel GallardoA Parent/Carer
Carmen Andres BlascoA Parent/Carer
Carmen DiezA Health Professional
Carmen MartinezA Parent/Carer
Carmen Ortiz De ZárateA Health Professional
Christian Quirós NebreraOther
CintaA Parent/Carer
Concepción Sánchez PinaA Health Professional
Cristina Pellisé PascualA Health Professional
Cruces GarciaA Parent/Carer
Daniel Fernández Chacón An Adult With ADHD
Daniel RodríguezA Health Professional
Dr. Jordi Sasot LlevadotA Health Professional
Dr. José Semelas LedesmaA Health Professional
Dr. Luis Rojas MarcosA Health Professional
Emilio Gutierrez BrusesA Parent/Carer
Estela Lozano Pérez A Parent/Carer
Esther BenitezA Health Professional
Eva María Castro AbadA Parent/Carer
EvaA Parent/Carer
Fatima CuestoA Parent/Carer
Fco. Javier Lozano SorianoOther
Francisco José Pardiñas ArocaA Parent/Carer
Goiuri Uribe BengoaA Parent/Carer
Gonzalo Pin ArboledasA Health Professional
Graciela GomezA Parent/Carer
Inmaculada López Vargas A Parent/Carer
Irma MonchoA Parent/Carer
Isabel HurtadoA Parent/Carer
Jaume Morey CanyellesA Health Professional
Javier Esparcia NavarroA Health Professional
Javier QuinterlA Health Professional
Jennifer García MartinA Parent/Carer
José Alberto González Fernán Other
José Luis Iglesias DizA Health Professional
José-María Manzanares-ErrazuAn Adult With ADHD
Jose A. AldaA Health Professional
Jose Francisco Ruiz SanchezA Health Professional
Jose Gonzalez MorenoOther
Jose Luis Lozano BacheOther
Jose Luis RendaA Parent/Carer
Josefa Luis NavarroA Parent/Carer
Juan Angel Quirós CantosAn Adult With ADHD
Juan Antonio Amador CamposA Health Professional
Juan Jose LagoA Parent/Carer
Juan Perez CaroA Parent/Carer
Juan Valle RodriguezA Parent/Carer
Juana Mª Domínguez CortésA Parent/Carer
JuliaA Parent/Carer
Lía Glez.A Parent/Carer
Laia Fernández ChecaAn Adult With ADHD
Laia Salat I FoixA Health Professional
Lefa S. EddyA Health Professional
Lexuri Armentia UribeOther
Lourdes Alguacil Ortiz A Parent/Carer
Luis RodriguezA Health Professional
Mª Carmen Ávila GarcíaA Health Professional
Mª Carmen Millán OlmoA Health Professional
M Isabel Labao LopezA Parent/Carer
M. Rosario ArandigaAn Adult With ADHD
Macarena Martin PerezA Parent/Carer
Manuel Cadenas LopezA Parent/Carer
Manuel Suarez AcevedoA Parent/Carer
Manuela Reina GarcíaA Parent/Carer
María Del Carmen Alonso A Parent/Carer
María Dolores MarcosAn Adult With ADHD
María Fe Rico NietoA Parent/Carer
María Jesús Miguel ArroyoA Parent/Carer
María PalmaA Parent/Carer
María Villasclaras AnteloA Parent/Carer
Maria CrespoA Parent/Carer
Maria Elena Podio GarciaAn Adult With ADHD
Maria Elena Podio GarciaAn Adult With ADHD
Maria Jose Marin EugenioA Parent/Carer
Maria Victoria Sala GarciaA Parent/Carer
Mariló Verdejo GonzalezA Parent/Carer
Marisa Mora DíazA Parent/Carer
Marta Garcia GiralA Health Professional
Marta RibasésA Health Professional
Matilde MontoroA Parent/Carer
Mercedes Giménez An Adult With ADHD
Mercedes López TorrecillaA Parent/Carer
MiguelA Parent/Carer
Miguel Angel Moscardó GómezA Parent/Carer
Monica Cadenas Lopez A Parent/Carer
Monica PerezA Parent/Carer
Montserrat Hernandez MartinezA Health Professional
Nieves FuentesA Health Professional
Noelia FernándezA Health Professional
Patricia Castilla OrtizA Health Professional
Patricia FuentesOther
Paula Malvar RodasA Health Professional
Pedro Godoy IñiguezA Parent/Carer
Pilar Adroher TarresA Parent/Carer
Pilar Corral MonterrosoA Parent/Carer
Presentacion Alcalde FernandezAn Adult With ADHD
RamonA Parent/Carer
Rebeca De Gibert SaizAn Adult With ADHD
Ricard Bordas ReigA Health Professional
Rosa CalvoA Health Professional
Rosa Maria Calas A Parent/Carer
RosannaA Parent/Carer
Rosario Perez HernandezOther
Rosario Vivas GomezA Parent/Carer
Silverio Cadenas MuñozA Parent/Carer
Sonia LeónA Health Professional
Sonsoles Alonso MartinezA Health Professional
Susana Benito GarciaA Parent/Carer
TDAH VallesOther
Tania Astray RodríguezA Parent/Carer
Teresa MoralesOther
Teresa JularOther
Teresa UboA Parent/Carer
Vanesa BA Parent/Carer
Vanesa Villena PastorA Parent/Carer
VictoriaA Parent/Carer
Yolanda García Rodríguez An Adult With ADHD
Yolanda RuizA Parent/Carer
Marie EnbackA Health Professional
Claudia TamásyOther
Eugene Osei-BonsuOther
Ayşenur KarabacakAn Adult With ADHD
Ayşegül Oruckaptan A Parent/Carer
Berkay DoğançayAn Adult With ADHD
Bilge Nurten DemirciAn Adult With ADHD
Ebru Oruckaptan An Adult With ADHD
Haluk Nezih ÇıngırAn Adult With ADHD
Hasan GuventurkA Health Professional
Meftune AktaşA Parent/Carer
Özlem AçargülAn Adult With ADHD
Ozlem ÖzlemAn Adult With ADHD
Ozlem SurucuA Health Professional
Sukran ArinciA Parent/Carer
Yavuz AkyaylaA Parent/Carer
Zeynep CemertAn Adult With ADHD
United Kingdom
Abhishek JhaA Health Professional
Alan CrossA Health Professional
Alison MolyneuxA Parent/Carer
Andrea BilbowAn Adult With ADHD
Angeliki TziakaA Health Professional
Ann Michelle ClarkeA Parent/Carer
Anna RommelA Health Professional
Anne CheesemanA Parent/Carer
Anne RossA Parent/Carer
Audrey MilnerA Parent/Carer
Bea MastersA Parent/Carer
Beth MorganA Parent/Carer
Bill RiddleA Health Professional
C McgeeA Health Professional
Carol TaylorA Parent/Carer
Carole KellyA Parent/Carer
Caroline PottsA Parent/Carer
Cate IrvingA Parent/Carer
Catherine HaddenA Parent/Carer
Cathy SmithA Health Professional
Cherie JarvisA Parent/Carer
Christine JarvisOther
Dr C J SandlerA Parent/Carer
Claude JousselinA Health Professional
Daniel William O'DempseyAn Adult With ADHD
Danny DedmanAn Adult With ADHD
Dr Dara SmithA Health Professional
Darren Bradley An Adult With ADHD
David BairdA Health Professional
Deborah MellingA Health Professional
Deirdre CuthillA Parent/Carer
Diana FosterAn Adult With ADHD
Dominique MurrayA Parent/Carer
Dorset AdhdOther
Eamonn McCloskeyA Parent/Carer
Elaine GaleA Parent/Carer
Elspeth PorterA Parent/Carer
Emma Weaver A Health Professional
Ewa RulaA Health Professional
Feroz NainarA Health Professional
Gary RossAn Adult With ADHD
Giorgia MicheliniA Health Professional
Heather BargeAn Adult With ADHD
Dr Helen ReadA Health Professional
Hiren DesaiAn Adult With ADHD
Jan HallA Parent/Carer
Janice FowlesA Parent/Carer
Jeanette CloughA Parent/Carer
Jeanette WardAn Adult With ADHD
Jennifer Coyne-O'BrienA Parent/Carer
Jo NewingA Health Professional
Joanne GrayAn Adult With ADHD
Joanne LeeA Parent/Carer
Jonathan Lanham-CookA Health Professional
Jonna KuntsiA Health Professional
Julia Keene An Adult With ADHD
Julie BrownA Parent/Carer
Julie Stephens A Parent/Carer
K Milbourne A Parent/Carer
Kathleen Doherty A Parent/Carer
Kathy DaviesA Parent/Carer
Kathy McQueenA Health Professional
Katie BebbA Health Professional
Kelly TurnerAn Adult With ADHD
Laudy JefferyA Health Professional
Lena JohanssonOther
Louisa DaviesA Health Professional
Louise MillerA Parent/Carer
Lynn WilsonOther
Lyra Jl DonaldAn Adult With ADHD
Dr M J DedmanA Parent/Carer
Maria NewtonA Parent/Carer
Mark McConvilleA Parent/Carer
Mary MurrayA Parent/Carer
Mike RobinsonAn Adult With ADHD
Nichola OliverA Parent/Carer
Nicola Jansen van Rensburg A Parent/Carer
Nicole HubbardA Parent/Carer
Nicoletta AdamoA Health Professional
Nigel MasonA Health Professional
Pat HewittA Parent/Carer
Patricia HyslopA Parent/Carer
Paul SandsA Parent/Carer
Penny HowarthA Parent/Carer
Peter MasonA Health Professional
Philip AshersonA Health Professional
Poppy Ellis LoganAn Adult With ADHD
Poppy JonesOther
Dr Pradip PatelA Health Professional
Dr. Prathap ReddyA Health Professional
Rachel DaviesA Parent/Carer
Robyn BaileyAn Adult With ADHD
Roji ThomasA Health Professional
Sacha Taylor-JobbinsAn Adult With ADHD
Samantha Selfridge An Adult With ADHD
Sandra WattA Parent/Carer
Sara CowlingAn Adult With ADHD
Sara Riley A Parent/Carer
Sarah Doll-SteinbergA Parent/Carer
Sarah SaltersOther
Sarah SimpsonA Parent/Carer
Sarah YatesA Parent/Carer
Sharron SturgessOther
Sharyn TraversAn Adult With ADHD
Siona BastableA Health Professional
Stephanie Knight A Parent/Carer
Stephen Campbell An Adult With ADHD
Stuart Thomas An Adult With ADHD
Sue DuffyA Health Professional
Dr Syed NaqviA Health Professional
Sylvia CharlesworthA Parent/Carer
Tanya Brunt-MurphyA Parent/Carer
Tiziana AlbergoOther
Tony DoyleA Health Professional
Dr Unni Prabhakaran A Health Professional
Valerie HawesA Health Professional
Vivienne WareA Parent/Carer
Wieder DavidAn Adult With ADHD
Zoe DedmanAn Adult With ADHD
United States
Frank A. Lopez M.D.A Health Professional
Michael SkoienA Health Professional
Stephen Faraone, PhdA Health Professional

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